It's very important to take off film when making plastic bucket

- Jan 09, 2020-

How to prevent brittle plastic bucket. The temperature of barrel and nozzle is too low, so it needs to be increased. If the material is degraded simply, the temperature of barrel and nozzle should be improved. Reduce the back pressure and rotation speed of screw pre molding, make the material slightly loose, and reduce the degradation of plastic due to shear overheating.

Mold temperature is too high, it is difficult to demould. The mold temperature is too low, the plastic cools too early, the fusion of fusion joints is poor, and simple cracking, especially for high melting point plastics such as polycarbonate. The core of the plastic bucket cavity shall have a proper demoulding angle. When the core is difficult to demould, the cavity temperature should be improved and the cooling time should be shortened. When the cavity is difficult to be detached, the cavity temperature should be reduced and the cooling time should be extended.

It is necessary to ensure that the sealing of the chemical plastic bucket after filling dangerous goods is robust, so as to ensure that there is no leakage or leakage of the chemical plastic bucket. When the chemical plastic bucket is filled with dangerous goods, the outer surface of the bucket shall not be corroded or damaged, and the appearance shall be clean and outstanding. It should be stored under the hood to prevent exposure to the sun. The operating temperature is 60 ℃, and the storage temperature is below 40 ℃, and the shelf life is 1 year from the date of production.

There are still some skills to choose plastic buckets. When choosing, we should first look at the appearance of the plastic bucket, which is bright in color and beautiful in appearance. Such a plastic bucket is made of even materials, and its beauty is naturally high. Then we can smell the smell of the plastic bucket. Generally, we should not choose products with strong smell. Plastic buckets are widely used. The products made of plastic materials are generally very durable, so most of them will use this kind of materials.