Is the use of milk powder tin cans universal and is it a pure tin can?

- Mar 22, 2019-

Milk powder tin can, which is a container for storing milk powder, and convenient for transporting and eating milk powder. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand, because only in this way can the milk powder tin can be used correctly and can avoid product waste. And other issues.


1. When the milk powder tin can is purchased, is the relevant factor considered?

The purchase of milk powder tin cans is to take into account all relevant factors, and there are some factors that must be considered, such as product origin, parameters, real-time quotes and price quotes, product quality, manufacturer and product after-sales The service of these six, and the product use environment and use requirements, is based on the actual situation to decide whether to consider. All of its related factors are important considerations, so it is necessary to consider the requirements, is to require key considerations, can not be underestimated and sloppy.


2. After using the tin powder tin can, what happens if there is slight oxidation?

After the milk powder tin can is used, it can be reused, which can avoid waste of resources and pollute the environment. For example, after thoroughly cleaning it and having no odor, it can be used to store tea leaves, so that the tea leaves have good preservation effect. If the tin powder can be slightly oxidized, you can use white vinegar to wipe it, you can solve the problem, but you need to pay attention to it, gently wipe with a soft cloth, can not use hard objects to prevent scratching the surface of the tin can.


3. Is the milk powder tin can be a pure tin can?

From a professional point of view, the answer is not necessarily because it may be tinplate or tinplate, not necessarily a pure tin can. In addition, everyone needs to know that tinplate is a kind of tin-plated steel sheet, which is a cold-rolled low-carbon steel sheet which is tin-plated on both sides. The purpose of tin plating is to avoid the corrosion and rust of the steel sheet during use. One problem is to ensure that the material has good corrosion and rust resistance and that it has good ductility.


4. Is it common to use tin cans in milk powder cans?

Tin cans are used in milk powder cans because tin is soft and tough, and has good ductility. It can be used to make cans. The cans and cans can have a high degree of tightness. Moreover, tin metal has the advantages of strong oxidation resistance, low oxygen permeability and good conductivity, and has no metal odor, so using it to store milk powder can make milk powder have a good preservation effect. From the current point of view, the use of tin cans in milk powder cans is very common, and is based on the above points, and this tin can can be called milk powder tin