Introduction of paint cans

- Nov 06, 2019-

The paint can is made in three parts: the bottom of the can, the can body and the can lid. The newly developed paint can has many obvious advantages: the paint can is not rusted (not oxidized) when it comes into contact with water-based paint, it is environmentally friendly, it is easy to pour the paint out of the paint can, and the new paint can is lighter than the old metal paint can. . Plastic/metal mixing drums have been widely used in the last decade. But 12 years ago, a special all-polypropylene barrel first appeared in the UK. This all-plastic barrel has been successfully introduced to KW Plastics. But for now, this task still has a long way to go. Specializing in the international strategic management of the adhesives, sealants and coatings industry, it is difficult to move all coatings industries into a new type of packaging container without significant cost reduction. If new packaging containers are used, the logistics channel of the coatings industry needs to be refurbished, and for the coatings industry, logistics channels are the biggest factor affecting efficiency.