Improvement measures for the improvement of the quality of motor oil cans

- Apr 29, 2019-

With the development of the times, the motor oil cans have also undergone major changes. I also know that improving the quality of the motor oil can is something that people really want. Then I need to use ultra-thin tinplate and aluminum to carry out technological transformation and development of new products. To solve the most important problems of food and beverage cans, such as leaking cans, easy to open the cover ring, and other problems, improve the quality of various products.


The variety of metal packaging products should be continuously updated to develop new packaging products that are lighter in weight, more material-saving, more environmentally friendly, and more visually appealing. The thickness of tinplate used in general production in China is 0.16-0.28mm, and the printed iron products of developed countries have entered the ultra-thin era, using 0.12mm or even thinner tinplate and using micro-coiling technology for canning, barrel making and capping.


The motor oil can manufacturer believes that every effort must be made to improve the quality of the motor oil can product so that it can better serve more people. Because we use galvanized barrels in our usual time, we don't have big problems when using them, so we don't know about his various quality standards, but this will hide some problems.


The motor oil can has good heat and cold resistance, is not deformed in high temperature water, and is durable; it also has superior impact resistance, and is not easily broken when pressed or impacted. Sealing, this is the primary consideration for choosing a motor oil can. Although different brands of products are sealed in different ways, excellent sealing is a necessary condition for the quality of the memory solution.