Important identification of oil tanks, 95% of owners do not know

- Sep 03, 2019-

In daily car maintenance, changing oil is an essential and often encountered item. However, many car owners do not have a high awareness of engine oil. They only know the brand names of some oils and the terms “fully synthesized”, “semi-synthetic” and “mineral oil”, and are usually recommended by the master of the repair shop. . In fact, the owners may have neglected some corresponding signs on the oil tanks, which may cause misunderstandings when selecting oil products. Some even think that the "SN" grade oil is a fully synthetic motor oil. In fact, this is wrong. Current fully synthetic motor oils may be "SN, SM or SL" grades, while "SN" grade oils are not necessarily fully synthetic. Here are some of the important signs on the oil tanks.

First, SAE

The full name of "SAE": American Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE is also the world's standard for measuring oil viscosity. It is further divided into a single-stage viscosity and a complex-grade viscosity. Such as: "SAE 50", "SAE 40", "SAE 30", etc., that is, single-stage viscosity, "SAE 5W-30", "SAE10W-40", "SAE15W-40", etc., that is, complex viscosity. Regarding the choice of oil viscosity for different models and different regions, this WeChat platform has been described in detail in the article “Talk about the viscosity of oil” published on April 27, 2015. You can view the historical news on the platform. I found this article to review and I will not explain it here.

Second, the API

The full name of "API": American Petroleum Institute. Founded in 1919, the API is the first national business association in the United States and one of the earliest and most successful standards-setting chambers of the world. The engine oil is now evaluated according to the EOLCS certification and signing system and the CMA summary requirements. It is also a universal (common) oil grade mark. At present, 99.99% of the oil tanks on the market are printed with the API logo, but it is emphasized that printing does not mean that the test has actually passed. It is necessary to check the official website of the API before finally confirming whether it has been reached or passed. Obtain the right to use the API logo (currently there are only 660 lubricant brands certified by the global API, and there are more than 5,000 lubricant brands in China, most of which are not tested by API testing. Inferior product). Please refer to the WeChat platform published on May 15, 2015 for the specific query method. For the benefit of the owners and merchants, please forward! (The oil industry is a big secret) article.