If a piece of iron in a tin box becomes rusty, it will swell eight times in size

- May 29, 2019-

Tin box will rust for a long time, iron is easy to rust, in addition to its vivid chemical properties, but also has a lot to do with the external conditions. Water is one of the substances that make iron easy to rust. However, water alone will not make iron rust, as long as when the oxygen in the air dissolved in water, oxygen in the water environment and iron reaction, will produce a thing called iron oxide, this is rust. Rust is a red-brown substance, it is not as hard as iron, it is easy to fall, if a piece of iron rusty tin box after the volume can be expanded eight times. If rust is not removed, this spongy rust is especially good at absorbing water, and iron rots faster.

To remove rust, various tools can be used to scoop it up or soak it in an acidic solution to dissolve it. Tinplate box after the removal of rust, must be the iron appearance to stop disposal, coated with a layer of lead, and then coated with paint; Or plated with other metals that don't rust easily. A more thorough method is to join iron with some other metals to make an alloy that is rustproof.

Because of these properties, and thus provide a except hot tin box, complete isolation from the environment factors of airtight system, avoid color food deterioration due to light, oxygen, moisture, nor in the aroma through breath and or the environment through pollution stale, food store is better than the other packing material, the stability of the vitamin C takes care of the highest rates of nutrient preservation sex is the best. In addition, the application of tinplate is very common. From the packaging material of food and beverage to grease cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans, the advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide good maintenance of physical and chemical properties