Identification of the quality of 1 liter round paint can

- Apr 09, 2019-

In the current decoration industry, people find that no matter what kind of paint is used to hold paint cans as a vessel, a 1 liter round paint can is of course very common. For the similar products of different models and models on the market, customers will have certain difficulties in selecting them. In fact, they only need to choose from several specific aspects.


First of all, ask if the raw materials selected for the 1 liter round paint can are the latest materials, whether it meets the national environmental protection requirements, whether it is strong and durable; you can knock the 1 liter round paint can product to listen to the sound, you can observe and observe from the appearance, the details are standard. Whether the color, luster, etc. meet their own needs; carefully check the product for instructions, whether the heat resistance, solvent resistance and other functional indicators are consistent with the standard requirements.


To identify the quality of a 1 liter round paint can, on the one hand, to see if it has relevant production licenses, such as the national license for dangerous goods packaging products; on the other hand, the raw materials selected by the products are optimal for new materials; Also depends on the various performance indicators of the product. Such as mechanical strength, heat resistance, and solvent resistance, of course, this depends on the parameters required for the selected product depending on the application.