How to use metal 10L paint bucket

- Jun 27, 2018-

The metal materials used in the metal 10L paint bucket are mainly tinplate and tinplate, which are generally various iron materials. Therefore, this type of paint bucket is an iron product. It can hold a variety of paints and coat the surface with a rust-proof packaging paint.

Use the metal 10L paint bucket should pay attention to the following issues:

(1) First, use a tool to loosen the bayonet under the lid of the paint bucket. Just open half of it and do not open it completely. Then, pry the cover 45 degrees, taking care not to break the rubber pad under the cover, so as not to affect the sealing performance of the paint bucket.

(2) After the lid is opened, the paint can be used normally. During the use of the paint, pay attention not to get the paint on the rubber pad so as not to affect the airtightness when the paint bucket is closed.

(3) After the paint is used, put the rubber pad under the lid of the bucket and close the lid. During the capping process, make sure that the rubber pad is sandwiched between the lid and the mouth of the tub, so that the rubber mat cannot fall into the paint bucket. After closing the lid, press the tab down firmly, but the strength should not be too large. At this time, the metal 10L paint bucket can have good sealing performance. If the paint is not used up completely, the remaining paint can be used for the next time and it will not be deteriorated quickly.