How to transport multiple paint cans and whether tin cans can be used?

- Mar 23, 2019-

Paint cans, which are jars for storing paints and coatings, are called paint cans, so that everyone can have an intuitive understanding. It is necessary to familiarize and understand this kind of cans because it is paint. Commonly used packaging containers, need to have a correct understanding to ensure that the paint has a good storage effect, and to ensure that the paint can be used normally.


1. When the paint cans are purchased, are there many related factors?

From the professional point of view, this is an important task that needs to be taken seriously and must be taken seriously, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the correct purchase of the product and cause the product. Waste and bring about certain economic losses. There are many factors and aspects that need to be considered. As long as it is related to product purchase, it must be considered. You must not miss any of them so that comprehensive and comprehensive consideration can be made.


2. Understanding of a new type of paint can

A new type of paint can is provided with a plurality of outwardly convex convex rings on the outer wall edge of the circular can body, and an edge is arranged on the upper part of the circular can body, compared with the ordinary paint can. It is a circular can lid. In addition, a paint opening and a small cover are provided on the circular can lid, and the small cover is placed on the paint opening, so that the paint in the paint can is poured out. However, in the use of this type of paint can, it is necessary to ensure that the small cover and the can body have a good sealing performance, and the paint in the can is deteriorated and cannot be used.


3. If there are multiple paint cans, how can I transport them easily?

If you have multiple paint cans, you can pack them in a carton of the right size, usually a corrugated box. However, it is necessary to indicate on the carton what the inner packaging is, so as to avoid problems during transportation and the like. In addition, manufacturers of corrugated boxes must apply for production licenses to ensure product quality.


4. Is the paint can is a tinplate can? Can it be placed casually?

The paint can can be a tinplate can, as long as the material is made of tinplate, and the material of tinplate is very suitable. As long as it is correctly and reasonably used and standardized operation, there is no problem in use and good use effect. Paint cans, which can not be placed casually, because if they are placed casually, they may be exposed to rain or sunlight, or collide, which may damage or damage the paint can, which affects the normal use of the paint