How to store plastic bucket to extend its life

- Jun 12, 2020-

As a popular container now, plastic bucket has been recognized by more people, and its use is very convenient. However, we need to pay attention to how to extend its service life. More attention should be paid to the storage of plastic buckets so that they can be used longer.

The chemical reactions of plastic buckets exposed to the sun are caused by many factors. First of all, ultraviolet, the leading element of photochemical response, can directly cause the cracking of molecular chain. In all the light, the shorter the wavelength and the greater the energy, the faster the aging of the plastic bucket. Because rubber and plastic materials will produce free groups when absorbing the light energy, and then cause and accelerate some adverse chain reaction.

In addition, when the plastic bucket is exposed to light, Generally, there will be temperature changes, which can be used as heating, and the temperature rise will speed up the dispersion of oxygen, and then make its oxidation rate add, and lead to thermal bonding and cracking, and touch with oxygen and even ozone in the air, the overfire bonding or molecular chain cracking can speed up the aging, and there are some other elements such as water, high-energy radiation, the medium, etc. Therefore, in the daily use of plastic buckets, try to avoid exposure to the sun.