How to interpret the meaning of the number at the bottom of the plastic bucket

- Jan 19, 2020-

Plastic bucket is heat-resistant, cold-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, not easy to deform within the range of plus or minus 50 °. 30L closed upper flat square barrel more specific content 50L big mouth coop barrel more content 200L single ring plastic bucket more content product category: 4l-12l small plastic bucket Product Description: flat square plastic bucket multi-point blank wall thickness control, making the barrel wall thickness uniform as required, anti falling and anti cracking optimization, easy to take materials, no slipping, on demand Customized, square plastic bucket multi-point billet wall thickness control, according to the requirements, the barrel wall thickness production thickness is uniform, the anti falling and anti cracking optimization and obtuse angle bucket bottom buckle development are completed, and the materials are convenient.

The figures at the bottom of the plastic bucket represent the data used:

Number 3: Meaning: this number represents PVC. This kind of material is hard and is often used to make food boxes, water pipes and building materials. It is widely used in daily life.

Use guide: the food box made of this material is only suitable for storing dry and low moisture food, such as rice and pasta. PVC is not strong in high temperature resistance, so food should be transferred to a suitable container before heating.

Number 6: Meaning: This is the symbol of polystyrene. This kind of information sometimes appears frothy, which is mainly used for making disposable lunch boxes, water cups and cutlery.

Application Guide: in all types of food packaging information, polystyrene has a low melting point. Although it can be used to hold warm food, do not use the food box with this information to heat directly. Figure 7: Meaning: this figure represents data other than PVC and polystyrene or composition data of various plastic raw materials. If the original material of the food box is polycarbonate (including BPA), this figure will appear on the product.