How to identify the authenticity of lubricating oil?

- Jul 30, 2019-

In general, the most effective way to accurately determine the quality and difference of a lubricant or to identify its authenticity is to use professional testing equipment (it is recommended to send the oil to an authoritative testing agency recognized by the state for testing). However, in real life, there is no professional testing equipment around us. What should we do? Here are a few easy ways:


1. By observing the color of the oil, you can pour the oil into a transparent plastic cup. The good quality oil is generally clear, no precipitation, no impurities, no agglomeration.


2, by smelling the smell of oil, under normal circumstances, the quality of the oil is milder, no irritating odor, if there is a very strong gasoline and diesel flavor after heating, it may be a fake oil mixed with fuel.


3. Drain the oil on the filter paper to allow it to spread naturally. The oil of good quality spreads evenly. If the quality is not good or the oil with more impurities spreads unevenly.


Of course, in some cases, the true and false of the oil cannot be distinguished by the above methods. Experts suggest that consumers should go to the formal authorized sales outlets or local agents to buy oil products to protect their own interests!