How to identify and select the oil tank produced by the engine oil can manufacturer

- Jun 21, 2019-

Generally, some related additives are used on some mechanical vehicles. These additives can help the vehicle to lubricate and cool, and belong to the protection agent of the vehicle. Motor oil is a kind of oil that we know very well. It is also very common in life. It can play the role of sliding, cleaning, cooling, sealing and reducing the engine. The special storage device for oil is also produced by special oil tank manufacturers. 


Nowadays, the types of engine oil cans produced by oil tank manufacturers are getting more and more. How to distinguish the quality of oil tanks and how to choose the oil tanks that suit them? First of all, to understand the viscosity grade of oil, most of them use the SEA rating. As an example, the number after W in SAE10W-40 is an indicator of the high temperature resistance of the oil. The lower the low temperature viscosity, the smaller the size of the number behind W used to represent it.


Everyone knows that there is a temperature difference between day and summer. The difference in temperature will also affect the viscosity of the oil. In winter, the lower temperature will cause the viscosity of the oil to increase. In summer, the temperature will rise, which will cause the viscosity of the oil to decrease. Therefore, when choosing the oil in the winter, you should try to choose some oil with a slightly lower viscosity. In the summer, choose some oil with a slightly higher viscosity.


In fact, when the oil tank manufacturer produces the oil tank, it will represent the different uses with the color of the tank body. The white oil tank is characterized by better protection of the high-load engine, preventing the formation of sludge and better maintaining Engine cleaning and smooth running of the body. The red feature is that the engine and the extended engine can last longer. It is more viscous than ordinary lubricating oil and effectively reduces oil consumption. It is suitable for ordinary gasoline engines or diesel engine oil tank engines.


There is also a yellow machine oil tank that cleans and protects the engine, reducing the noise when the car is running, making your driving quieter and smoother. It is suitable for fuel injection gasoline engines. The blue oil tank cleans and protects the engine. It has a special power cleaning technology that continuously removes deposits from the engine and is superior to conventional mineral oil.


When selecting the oil tank, first observe the material of the oil tank. The quality of the oil tank also directly affects the use of the oil tank. It also determines to some extent whether the oil drum is convenient for cleaning in the future. It is also necessary to check the collision and seismic performance of the oil tank. In the transportation of the oil tank, some collisions or vibrations of different degrees are inevitable during the driving. In order to ensure the oil tank is transported, the oil tank Collision and earthquake resistance are very important.


Re-checking the high temperature performance of the oil tank is still very dangerous for its storage. Therefore, when storing the oil tank, pay special attention to the storage environment of the oil tank, and be able to withstand certain high temperature conditions and reduce damage. occur.