How to extend the life of plastic buckets

- Jul 04, 2019-

The use of plastic buckets is already common in today's life and production. Do you know how to extend the life of plastic drums?


When the plastic bucket is formed, it is inevitable that the bottom protrudes into the can to form a spherical crown. Therefore, the foundation should be made into a spherical crown shape similar to the bottom shape. On the horizontal basis, it is not necessary to use sand to form a spherical crown corresponding to the bottom of the storage tank. When using in the open air, avoid direct sunlight and prolong the service life.


The basic requirements for the installation of plastic drums are to be able to withstand the corresponding pressures. For example, with steel construction, the gaps should not be too large and should be covered with wood or iron. Plastic buckets should have good drainage drains and dilution devices around the site when storing chemicals.