How to effectively remove the residue on the plastic bucket

- Apr 19, 2020-

The plastic bucket has gradually become a widely used plastic bucket equipment in various industries. The application of the plastic bucket has brought us more convenience. However, the residue of 25L plastic bucket needs to be effectively removed when it is used. How much do you know about this information? Next, I will give you a detailed description: 1. Use the eraser to rub along the edge point by point to remove the marks easily. But depending on your viscosity, the time may be different. If conditional alcohol + eraser works very well. 2. You can take a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the whole double-sided tape trace. After the double-sided tape is completely wet, you can easily remove it with a ruler. 3. When removing, no matter using water or vinegar, make sure that these products are completely soaked with double-sided adhesive marks, so that they can be easily and effectively removed! 4. You can also use the way of heating to soften the double-sided adhesive: blow with a blower to soften the adhesive. When the adhesive force of the double-sided adhesive becomes weak, it can be easily removed. If there is still a little trace, wipe the Polish with clear nail polish. 5. Wipe with cotton swab dipped in nail washing water. 6. The surface can be removed by repeatedly sticking and tearing with adhesive transparent adhesive. 7. Wipe it off with a little sodium salt water or paint thinner. 8. A mixture of soap and a little ammonia and turpentine can remove a lot of dirt and make the glass surface more shiny. 9. Wipe with oil essence. 10. Wipe with special cleaner or sports shoes decontamination cream.