How to calculate the area and volume of round cans and the quality of products

- Dec 05, 2018-

Round cans, which are common in everyday life, are a common packaging container for storing various solids or liquids. The following is the familiarity and understanding of the round cans, so that the product has a correct understanding of the product and know how to use it reasonably, so as to have a good use effect.


1. What are the conditions for a round can, which should be of good quality?

Round cans, whose product quality is good, must meet some conditions or meet relevant standards. Otherwise, the quality of the product cannot be said to be good. The conditions that should be met are: the use of materials with good performance and good quality for the production, so that the product has good performance and use. The round can is convenient and simple to use, and is not prone to problems during use, and is not easily damaged or damaged. In terms of service life, there should be a long service life.


2. How is the volume and area of the round tank calculated?

The calculation of the volume of the round tank is a simple method. It is possible to fill the round tank with water, and then pour all the water out of the round tank, mainly to be cleaned and not left. Thus, as long as the volume of water is measured, the volume of the round can is obtained.


The calculation of the area of the round can is to see if the round can is a cylinder. If it is a cylinder, it is easy to calculate. It is the area of the upper and lower bottoms plus the side area, which is the area of the round can. The bottom area of the round tank is 3.14 × square of the tank diameter × 0.25, and the side area of the round tank is the circumference of the tank bottom × the height of the tank.


3. Is the round tank or oval tank used on the suction truck?

Round cans, like basketball, while oval cans are like rugby, and oval cans are used in suction trucks because they have a large bearing area on the chassis of the car, so the suction truck will be evenly weighted and used. It is relatively stable. Therefore, based on this, the suction truck generally uses an oval tank instead of a round can.


4. Horizontal round can, which is 5 meters long and 3.1 meters high. How to calculate its volume?

Horizontal round cans, if they are 5 meters long and 3.1 meters long, if you want to calculate its volume, you should also look at the form of the round can head and the type of the head, because they are related to the volume calculation of the round can. If it is a parallel head, the volume can be calculated directly. If it is a butterfly head, you need to know the depth of the head before you can do this to avoid incorrect results due to incorrect