How should we correctly use plastic buckets?

- Apr 18, 2019-

 Plastic drums are used in daily life and industrial production. Because of the different nature of the items being placed, the use of plastic drums is different. So, how should we use plastic buckets correctly? Let's take a look at it together.

1. When used for chemicals that are easy to differentiate, the plastic bucket should be equipped with a cover for the exhaust function, which not only prevents the risk of overpressure during transportation, but also ensures the tightness of the barrel.

2, plastic bucket can be used for hot filling, usually the temperature should not exceed 60 ° C, after hot filling, should wait for the contents to be adequately cooled and lowered to room temperature before closing the lid, stacking. When using plastic buckets to hold items, pay attention to these two points, not only will avoid the damage of the plastic barrel, extend its service life, and will not affect the performance of the contained products.

     The above is our introduction to the plastic bucket, no matter where it is, it must be used correctly when using the plastic bucket, so as to ensure the service life is prolonged.