How did the beautiful and practical tin cans come to be printed?

- Jun 19, 2019-

Tin cans commonly known as tin cans, tin box, is made of tin cans, tin is the surface of the iron with tin. To protect them. Generally speaking, for the exquisite packaging, and the use of printing, commonly known as printing tin. So do you know how the tin can is made? Interested friends, let's learn about it together.

Tin printing is to use the physical properties of water and ink receptivity, with the aid of printing pressure, the rubber cloth plate by transfer to the tin box, belongs to the principle of offset lithography, after completing all tinted, still need to cover a layer on the surface of the printing tin light oil, in order to increase gloss on the surface of the printing quality, but also can improve the hardness of the surface of the product, make the printing ink layer has a certain flexibility and corrosion resistance, so they can produce beautiful and eye-catching tin printing and packaging.