Gallon metal paint bucket with lid cleaning and storage

- Jun 26, 2018-

The gallon covered paint bucket is mainly used to fill the color drawn by the straw tool during its use. It can be filled with its foreground or defined pattern. It is originally a paint container, usually made of tin. Made of a rust-proof coating on the surface.

Unfinished gallon metal paint bucket with lid  with lid storage conditions

Never run out of paint must be tightly sealed, store in low-temperature and wet warehouse and thinner should be stored separately, the best physical fire extinguisher!

Gallon metal paint bucket with lid  how to brush clean

If it is not completely solidified, it can be cleaned with gasoline, alcohol, or organic solvents. If it has been solidified but not for a long time, consider using a rag to dip in gasoline, alcohol, or organic solvents.

Gallon paint pots with lids

In this case, you need to clean the paint to make pots.

Causes: Paint contains various oils to extract organic matter and heavy metals. Once the paint has contaminated the soil, it will affect the ventilation and moisture exchange of the soil. Therefore, the physical and chemical properties of paints will seriously affect the normal growth of vegetables and plants. In severe cases, they will be necrotic.