Four characteristics of plastic bucket

- Apr 27, 2020-

The raw material of the plastic bucket is a kind of widely used polymer material. In our daily life, the plastic products are everywhere. The material of the plastic bucket has the following four characteristics in detail:

1. Plastic has the meaning of plasticity. Plastic is the material that can be molded. The so-called plastic plasticity is that the solid plastic can be softened by heating, and then the softened plastic can be placed in the mold, so that it can be cooled and then re condensed into a certain shape of solid. This property of plastic also has certain disadvantages, that is, it is easy to soften and deform in case of heat, and some plastics will deform even if they are scalded with high temperature water, so plastic products are generally not suitable to touch boiled water.

2. Plastics have elasticity. Some plastics have certain elasticity just like fiber. When it is stretched by an external force, the bent molecules are straightened by flexibility, but once the tension is cancelled, it will recover the original bending state, which makes the plastic elastic, such as polyethylene and PVC film products. But some plastics are inelastic.

3. Plastics have corrosion resistance. Plastics are neither rusty in humid air like metals, nor rotten or corroded by microorganisms in humid environment like wood. Other plastics are acid-base resistant. As a result, plastic is often used as water delivery and infusion pipes in chemical plants, doors and windows of buildings, etc.

4. The molecular chain of plastic with insulation is the combination of atoms with covalent bond. The molecules can neither ionize nor transfer electrons in the structure, so the plastic has insulation. Plastic can be used to make wire wrapping, electrical socket, electrical shell, etc.