Empty aerosol spray cans container can application

- Jun 07, 2019-

The empty aerosol spray cans container used for packaging are mainly aluminum two-piece cans. The aluminum two-piece can is made of aluminum alloy thin plate, and a thinning and stretching process is used in the manufacturing process, so the thickness of the can wall is obviously thinner than the can bottom. When the spray can is used for gas packaging, the strong internal pressure compensates for the rigidity of the thin can wall. However, the high gas barrier properties, light blocking properties and sealing properties of the spray can keep the quality of the gas in the tank stable.


It is also the presence of these metal features of the metal can that allows the spray can to be filled at high speeds even with the time-consuming filling method of isostatic filling. The advantages of the spray can are obvious. It is very airtight and resistant to high internal pressures. It is ideal for loading gases or liquids that require little pressure, air and acid resistance.


In addition, some important components contained in some objects have certain requirements on light and temperature. Therefore, the epoxy phenolic coating is sprayed on the spray can, and sometimes a vinyl coating is applied to the epoxy phenolic inner coating. As a result, the organic acid does not pose a threat to the spray can.