Effect of surface activation on plastic bucket

- Apr 10, 2020-

Plastic buckets are mostly made of plastic. They are also known as plastic chemical buckets and plastic chemical buckets. They are made by blow molding with scientific formula. They have various colors and beautiful appearance. They reach the packaging index in acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, leakage prevention, color retention and deformation resistance. They are the ideal choice for long-distance transportation of chemical product packaging materials.

1. Activation of the appearance of plastic bucket manufacturers: activation is to improve the appearance energy of plastic products. It is to generate some polar groups or coarsen the appearance of plastic products, so that the coating is easier to be wet and adsorbed on the surface of the parts. There are many ways to activate the surface of plastic products, such as chemical oxidation, flame oxidation, solvent vapor etching and corona discharge oxidation.

2. Degreasing of plastic bucket: similar to the surface degreasing of metal products, the degreasing of plastic products can be cleaned with organic solvent or degreased with alkaline water solution containing surfactant. Organic solvent degreasing is suitable for cleaning white wax, beeswax, fat and other organic dirt from the surface of plastic products. The organic solvent used shall not dissolve, swell or crack the plastic products, and its own boiling point is low, volatile, non-toxic and non combustible.

In the process of practical use of plastic bucket, the thickness of the barrel wall varies too much, and then causes the deformation of the plastic bucket. This has attracted great attention of the plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises, which have started to improve this aspect. Most of the plastic bucket manufacturers have also actively improved the mold equipment.