Development trend of storage tank

- Jan 29, 2018-

Storage tank, also known as Water tower, tank and so on. Storage tanks are used to store chemicals such as acids, alkalis, alcohols, gases, liquids, etc. Tanks are widely used in north China, according to different materials in general: Polyethylene storage tanks, polypropylene tanks, FRP tanks, ceramic storage tanks, rubber storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks. In terms of the cost of storage tanks, now with steel lined polyethylene tank is the most superior, its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, long life and so on, the appearance can be manufactured, horizontal, transport, mixing and other varieties.

The rapid development of the global economy today is still an important resource for the development of the world economy, because of the development of global economic integration and the impact of the international situation, the abnormal fluctuations in oil prices, the scramble to exploit and reserve the limited oil resources has become the economic development of various countries and to deal with major political and economic Large oil reserve facilities become the main development of effectively and rapidly reduce the cost of oil reserves.