Detailed explanation of suitable packaging and transportation method of plastic bucket

- Mar 02, 2020-

The outer cover of the device shall be tightened by external force (with the help of torque tightening wrench). After the sealing ring device is installed, it is necessary to close to the contact surface of the barrel mouth to prevent the sealing ring from distorting the device. If the temperature of the filling product is higher than 40 ℃, it is necessary to tighten the outer cover and stack when the temperature of the product is cooled to normal temperature; when stacking, attention should be paid to the flatness of the stacking, the contact area of the upper and lower layers of the stacking should be kept large, the upper and lower layers should be aligned, and the dislocation stacking should be prevented; in this way, the deformation of the plastic bucket can be avoided.

The color shall be bright without color difference. Choose bright colors, followed by a single beautiful color. Don't choose black, because black simply adds secondary material and reclaims material, but it is difficult to distinguish. Touch the edge with hand, no obvious edge, chamfer at each corner, no scratch. Check whether the rubber surface is free of impurities and black spots. The appearance of the bucket is clear and smooth with good finish. In order to avoid inspection, many manufacturers inlay a thin layer of good materials on the surface, typical gold and jade, and pay attention to carefully see if there is a possibility of water leakage. It's better to feel soft and comfortable. Tap the wall of the bucket with your fingers to make it move and bright. There is no rough feeling on the wall, and the rubber surface is flat and free of missing rubber and material.

When choosing plastic bucket for packaging and transportation, it must be noted that the load-bearing capacity of the plastic bucket itself cannot exceed 45% of its volume, otherwise it will be deformed. When cleaning plastic buckets, we can divide the dirty buckets into three categories: no oil, oil and dirt. If the plastic bucket is not very dirty and there is no oil, we can choose 1 / 4 of the water or salt water, fill the plastic bucket, cover the cover, shake hard, and wash the dirt away with water again.

Users who have applied a series of plastic bucket products, such as plastic bucket, may know that the rapid damage will occur when they are used under certain conditions, and one of the reasons for the rapid damage is that when the plastic bucket is exposed to light, there will be temperature change, which can be used as heat, and the temperature rise will accelerate the dispersion of oxygen, then increase its oxidation rate, and cause hot bonding and cracking In addition, it contacts with oxygen or even ozone in the air, and the over heated glue can accelerate the aging even if the molecular chain breaks, and there are other elements such as water, high-energy radiation, the medium in which it is located, and so on.