Common tin cans

- Jul 12, 2019-

In life, I often see a variety of tins, such as tea tins, food tins, and milk powder cans. Although they seem to be iron tins made of tinplate (tin-iron), The processes used are quite different for different applications. Let's take a look at the process and specificity of the different uses of common tin cans.


1. Tea cans are the most common kind of iron cans in normal times. The cover mouth is mainly composed of shrinkage, internal pressure and outer coil. The bottom process is mainly for bottom and bottom. It is internally coated with food grade anti-rust oil and externally printed in four colors and spot colors. It is mainly used for the packaging of medium and high-grade tea leaves such as Longjing, Biluochun, Maofeng and Huangya.


2. The manufacturing process of the lid and bottom of the food tin box is not much different from that of the tea tin box. It is required to reach the food grade in printing, and is mainly used for the packaging of foods such as biscuits, candy, chocolate, honey and moon cake.


3, milk powder cans, rice flour cans because of their speciality, need to have a very good sealing, so most will use the welding machine sealing process, raw material selection and production process is different from tea, food packaging, the equipment used also has a certain the difference.


4, the variety of gifts, handicraft iron boxes, the shape is also varied, such as open tin cans, windowed toy tin box, unique Christmas tin box, flip stationery tin box, shaped iron box and drawer box, etc.