Causes the plastic bucket surface not to have the brightness the reason to explain in detail

- Feb 19, 2020-

To solve the problem of raw materials used in plastic bucket, it is necessary to understand the function of materials and adjust the process formula reasonably. For example, the poor fluidity of the sol after the material is heated will cause the bright appearance of the barrel wall. It can properly increase part of low-pressure resin, raise the temperature of the barrel, and then solve the problem.

Due to the external influence, the moisture content of the material is relatively large. A lot of water vapor produced in the production process will lead to the discovery of dark and light paint barrel wall in the production process. This problem can only be solved by drying non essential materials. In the production process, there is a large proportion of recycled materials, resulting in the reduction of the appearance brightness of plastic bucket manufacturers. This problem can be solved by reducing the amount of recovered materials and properly increasing the amount of low-pressure resin.

The cooling system of the mold leaks water, and the long-term operation of the mold results in corrosion damage of the sealing system. Water leakage occurs in a single direction of the mold, which flows into the mold, causing the barrel wall to darken. The sealant strip needs to be replaced to ensure that the problem of water leakage is solved. Mold exhaust system is not good. Too much gas is left in the mold during the production process, resulting in poor glossiness. Therefore, it is necessary to check and repair the die exhaust system in time.

Plastic bucket is mainly used for solid, liquid and other product packaging with outstanding characteristics, it is not fragile, rust, light and other characteristics, and excellent oil and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for the packaging of dangerous goods requiring heat preservation, moisture-proof, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. The inner tank of the plastic bucket is engraved with the capacity height. When the customer uses the ton barrel to fill the material, he can see the filling height clearly through the transparent inner tank and operate accurately. The liner is made of high-density polyethylene raw material, pure material, without any recycled material, so as to ensure the strength and toughness of the product. There are many kinds of colors to choose from in plastic bucket. White is the conventional ton barrel, blue and black are the light proof barrel. The light proof barrel can resist ultraviolet rays and light aging.

The plastic bucket has the advantages of good sealing, light weight, corrosion resistance, lubrication inside and outside, convenient transportation, and can hold most of the things, including powder and liquid, etc. However, the material of plastic bucket is mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics by blow molding and injection molding. If the temperature of the filling product is higher than 40 ℃, the filling and tightening of the outer cover and stacking must be carried out when the product temperature is cooled to normal temperature; during stacking, attention should be paid to the flat stacking, the contact area of the upper base layer of the stacking should be kept large, the upper base layer should be aligned, and the dislocation stacking should be prevented; in this way, the deformation of the plastic bucket can be avoided.