Can the plastic barrel be loaded with petrol?

- Jan 29, 2018-

Plastic barrels are made of polyethylene, PVC and other polymer insulating materials, and gasoline belongs to a Class A flammable liquid, its flash point is less than 28 ℃, the explosion limit is less than 10%, with plastic barrels of gasoline in the filling, pouring or vibration process, gasoline and plastic barrel wall friction, contact potential difference to produce electronic movement, Causes positive and negative charges to appear, resulting in static electricity. Practice has proved that a 125-liter plastic barrel filled with petrol, in the pouring out, gasoline in the flow of large, fast flow, may produce 2x10 3 times above the potential of the Volt. When the accumulated charge reaches a certain voltage, it is possible to discharge the electrostatic spark, ignite gasoline or gasoline and air mixture gas, burning or explosion, so in order to be safe, do not use plastic barrels to fill gasoline.

Gasoline is flammable substances, when the use of plastic barrels of petrol, because of the transport process of gasoline and barrel wall friction, and make plastic barrels charged, because plastic is insulating material, the drum charge is not easy to transfer, accumulated to a certain extent will occur discharge phenomenon, spark ignited gasoline, resulting in accidents.