Brushing tips

- Aug 14, 2019-

1.Hand brushing method

Hand brushing method is suitable for ceilings, railings, etc. Before lacquering, immerse the bristles in half the height of the paint. If you are worried that the bristles are too much paint, you can pat on the edge of the paint can. Use thumb and forefinger when painting. Grasp the handle of the brush, and apply the force of the fingertip to make the bristles slightly bend, which can get better brushing effect. For repeated brushing of the parts that have been brushed, the brush surface can be flat. The advantage is that the brushing force is easy to control, the consumables are consumed less, and the adjacent equipment is not easily stained, and the disadvantage is that the brush marks are obvious.

2.Roller painting method

Roller painting method is suitable for wall and ceiling painting. Before painting, choose the appropriate roller size, avoid using oily paint, and do not use force when rolling. Before painting, you can roll the roller into the paint pan, rotate it slightly, paint it, and then move it to the inclined surface to roll it, so that the paint can be evenly distributed. The advantage is that it has a hand feeling and is suitable for DIY. The disadvantage is that the brush marks are obvious, and the paint film is thicker and more consumable.

3.Painting method

The painting method is suitable for large-area space. During the construction, the spray gun and the wall surface should be kept vertically parallel, and the same swing speed should be maintained as much as possible, mainly to avoid the problem that the local paint is thin and uneven. The advantage is that the surface of the paint film has a smooth texture and saves time and effort; the defects are not easy to be painted at the corners, and the collision is more likely to cause a collision.

Brushing precautions

1, dark paint can not participate in water, otherwise it is prone to color difference, painting is best done in one time.

2, do not paint in wet weather and winter, otherwise it will affect the overall construction quality, the paint is not easy to dry.

3, should pay attention to indoor ventilation, paint, paint polishing should be completely dry before proceeding.

4. After brushing, the brush should be soaked in the water, there is no bubble in the place where the brush is seen, if there is a bubble, it will be broken immediately.