Application of metal food cans in life

- Apr 09, 2018-

Application of metal food cans in life

With the upgrading of production technology, metal food cans packaging has entered the era of large-scale production. 1, metal food cans and the classification of metal food cans can be divided into dry powder cans and ordinary food cans.

The former is mainly used for milk powder, condiments and nutritional products packaging, while the latter is mainly used in tomato paste, mushroom, fruit, lunch meat, fish and other processed agricultural products packaging. From the production point of view, the current in the production of metal food cans, the commonly used materials for steel and aluminum.

The main products of food packaging include low carbon sheet steel, tinned steel plate (tinplate), chrome-plated steel plate (wuxi steel plate), galvanized steel plate (tin), coated steel plate (organic coating on the surface of the steel plate) and film-coated iron; The main food packaging aluminum is aluminum, aluminum foil and aluminized film.

2, Metal food cans advantage: Compared with other materials, metal packaging materials are rich in origin. and the production and processing technology has been very mature, manufacturing energy consumption and low cost, can be repeatedly reused. and metal food cans of high strength, ductility and manufacturing process good, coupled with good sealing performance, can meet the packaging requirements.

And the comprehensive protective properties of metal materials, as packaging, from the appearance of looking more upscale, good display, easy to print decoration.

In addition, can also be in the metal food cans surface coating, coating and laminating, so that its performance further improved, prolong the service life.