Application field of metal unlined paint can with lid

- May 24, 2019-

The color and style of the metal unlined paint can with lid with the paint can can be arbitrarily selected, and can be customized to a certain extent to meet the different needs of different customers.


Product use of metal covered paint cans


Metal covered paint cans are mainly used in cosmetics, essential oils, chemical raw materials, crude oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, car care products, and pharmaceutical packaging products, especially cosmetics, flavors, fine chemicals, chemical raw materials and other ideal packaging products. It is also suitable for the improvement of packaging of domestic liquid contents and is a green product. Features of metal covered paint cans: safe, reliable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high anti-counterfeiting, good sealing, high strength, not easy to break, easy to transport. Can be equipped with national standard, non-standard nozzles, pump heads, covers, etc.


The metal-covered paint can is stabilized by a tin dioxide protective film on the surface of the tin in the air, and the oxidation reaction is accelerated under heating; the tin reacts with the halogen to form a tin tetrahalide; it can also react with sulfur; the tin is stable to water and can be slow Soluble in dilute acid, soluble in concentrated acid; tin can be dissolved in strong alkaline solution; it will be corroded in acidic solution such as ferric chloride, zinc chloride and other salts.


Tin is a silvery white soft metal with a specific gravity of 7.3 and a low melting point of only 232 ° C. When you put it into a briquetting furnace, it melts into a mercury-like liquid. Tin is very soft and can be cut with a knife. Tin is chemically stable and is not easily oxidized by oxygen at room temperature, so it often maintains a silvery luster.