Advantages and transportation requirements of 25 kg buckets

- Jun 27, 2019-

Advantages and transportation requirements of 25 kg buckets


Usually to save space, 25 kg buckets are stacked in storage or transport. Generally, the 25 kg barrel with good quality has a reasonable structural design. The inner edge of the paint bucket lid will have a circle to strengthen the load, so that the load can be transferred to the reinforcement when the stack is stacked, and the stacking code is more stable. In general, placing 4-5 paint bucket stacks is not a problem.


Advantages of using 25 kg buckets


1. There are a number of common sealing points between the 25 kg barrel and the lid to ensure that the liquid does not leak.


2. Reinforce the inner margin of the 25 kg lid to ensure that the stacking load is transferred to the ribs.


3. The bottom of the 25 kg barrel is matched with the yin and yang of the lid to ensure a stable accumulation during storage and transportation.


4. There is a circle of tearing rings on the 25 kg barrel to ensure that the lid is not opened when it falls during transport.


5. The anti-counterfeiting is good, it is necessary to tear off the ring to open the cover, to ensure that the product is not faked.


For 25 kg barrels of filled liquid, please do not delay the barrel directly on the ground during handling to avoid wear and bumps on the bottom. The correct method is to lift the two hands or use a forklift truck to carry the wooden pallet. When filling, the liquid temperature cannot be higher than 70 °C. The storage should be kept out of the temperature below 40 °C, and the temperature should not exceed 25 °C when loading. Block the plastic bucket and load it immediately after filling the high temperature liquid.