Advantages and transportation of conical paint pail

- Oct 11, 2018-

Advantages and transportation of conical paint pail

Transport and storage

When the tinplate containers are empty they can be stacked on top of each other perfectly and many can be stacked on one pallet. Some are fitted with a rim in the body which empty tin containers can rest on and allows them to be stacked together. The tin containers are therefore easy to remove from the stack. It also adds sturdiness­ in the body. Because of the large sizes, pails always have a handle, which allows them to be lifted with ease.


The big advantage of the conical shape is that the container can be fully, quickly and easily emptied. The filling product can run out of the paint tins perfectly. This means that the end user can process more square meters with your filling product and less filling product stays behind in the empty container. This keeps the chemical waste to a minimum. So it is an environmentally friendly solution.

The pails have a removable lid, which can be closed by hand (with or without an intermediate ring) or by machine (with a castellated ring or lid with pre-fitted ring).