Accident handling of paint cans

- Nov 08, 2019-

Reason for opening:

Paint cans Some people usually have some questions about the paint cans. What paint cans will pop up? How high is the temperature to produce?

Because the inside of the additive bursts the pressure inside the pressure is greater than the outside pressure! When you open it, you should turn it slowly in a circle! Generally, this will happen if you put it outside for a while! Basically it must be stored in a cool place!

Another situation is that the paint you bought is added with thinner! If it is pure paint will not happen!

After the paint can is shaken vigorously, it will also explode.

Can't open the reason:

In fact, the manufacturers now use the thin material of the paint can lid material to be thinner, so it will be covered after it has not been used up, and the cover is very tight, so it will not open.

For those that have been used before, and now can not be opened, this situation is not open with pliers, use a flat-blade screwdriver to put the screwdriver on the edge of the cover and turn around the paint bucket to open it.

It is also necessary to see the paint on the lid of the paint can. It can be opened with a screwdriver. . . One word. . . If it is oily pu paint, it has not been adjusted before use, if it can be cured, it can not be used, there is no problem with nitrocellulose paint and water-based paint.