A brief introduction to the development trend of China's plastic engine oil can packaging

- Sep 26, 2019-

Plastic products are a very common product in modern society, and they are closely related to our life. Among them, plastic engine oil can s are a commonly used packaging material. As the name implies, its main role in the storage of motor oil, with The development of the industry, this plastic packaging has a wider range of applications, China's plastic packaging will also be developed in the direction of lightweight, reducing the weight of packaging,

This can save material production and packaging, so the purpose of weight reduction is profitable for the environment and the enterprise.

In order to protect our living environment, people are now developing in many directions in the direction of “greening”. The waste materials in plastic packaging have aroused widespread concern in society, and more

Reinforced the recycling of plastic packaging, and gradually developed the use of degradable plastics. Therefore, it is necessary to “weight loss” on the packaging of plastic machine engine oil can s, which is also the result of the current plastic packaging.

Exhibition trend.

Develop advanced packaging technologies such as intelligentization, and use some plastic packaging materials to have the characteristics of edible, water-soluble, etc., reduce the amount of packaging waste, and improve the safety of plastic packaging.

Environmental performance. Then there is innovation and research and development of new materials and new processing technologies that enable more high-performance plastics to become packaging materials and take advantage of the high performance of new materials to achieve packaging reduction.

Chemical. Through independent research and development and technological innovation, the cost of packaging new materials and new technologies for plastic engine oil can s can be reduced, so as to avoid being too high, many plastic materials that conform to green packaging cannot be used in large areas.


Plastic packaging will continue to be demanded with the development of the times and the progress of the industry. People are increasingly recognizing this packaging material, and the proportion of plastic engine oil can s in the automotive industry is constantly increasing. This illustrates the trend in the development of such packaging materials.https://www.huatai-group.com/